Announcement: Best Squirting Dildos

You can typically get a squirting dildo for less than $50 so it’s a reasonably inexpensive way to spice your sex life up. The only thing the manufacturers won’t provide is the cum. You can get that by looking up a recipe for homemade cum online, saving load after load of your own cum (the squirting dildos have the capacity to shoot a lot more than a guy does), or filling it with lube or another similar substance. A cum-like substance is the best choice since it’s more fun to see something thick and white squirting from the cock. Open your mind and have some fun with a big squirting dildo!


The Realistic Squirt Cock

The Realistic Squirt Cock is a fabulous toy that mimics the look and feel of a cock with remarkable precision. When you gaze at the shaft you’ll be genuinely impressed at how lifelike it is, including the balls. Even the tip where the ejaculate comes out of looks real. It’s pretty great and the bulb holds more than enough liquid to give you the sensation of multiple cumshots inside you or on you. The possibilities for play are endless.

The dildo is offers 5 inches of length you can stuff in your hole (or the hole of your partner) and another two in balls and suction cup. It’s 2 inches thick and is made from rubber. With the suction cup you can mount it on any surface you want and have a great time playing on your own. The price of just over $55 is commensurate with the quality.

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Doc-Johnson Squirting Realistic Cock

The Doc Johnson Squirting Realistic Cock measures 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter (making it nice and thick) and allows for multiple cumshots thanks to a large reservoir to hold whatever fake cum you’ve crafted. The price is reasonable at less than $35 (some squirting dildos go for more than $50) and it’s well-built and will last a long, long time to keep you happy.
One of the main features of the Squirting Realistic Cock is its realism. They worked hard to make it look like a real dick so your sexual play would be enhanced. It’s not just a plastic hunk. It’s a real looking dick that will feel real inside you or your partner. It comes with a suction cup base so you can easily play alone and enjoys the pleasures of the toy. Make sure your hole is stretched though because it’s thick.

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Inflatable Dildos

For a blast of kinky sex play you should try an inflatable dildos. They come in all shapes and sizes but the basic premise is the same for all: after you insert the dildo you use the pump to inflate it, making it grow in the vagina or rectum to stretch things out and deliver that incredible sense of arousal that comes from naughty play. If you’ve never indulged in stretch play before it’s remarkably sexy and offers sensations like you’ve never felt before, which is always a source of pleasure.

The beautiful thing about the world of inflatable dildos is the wide array of options offered to fans. There are realistic inflatable dildos that look like a cock, including throbbing veins, and can be blown up to much larger sizes, kind of like how a real cock grows when it gets aroused. You can also purchase plugs that are far simpler and have a phallic shape. There are circular inflatable dildos that blow up like a ball when placed inside the orifice of your choosing. The choices are too numerous to list but you can research to see what suits your

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Inflatable dildos are used in a variety of sexual play styles. Most common is in solo play, man or woman. Lube it up and slip the dildo into any hole and as you squeeze the pump and fill it with air you’ll be amazed at the feelings inside. The stretching is incredible; just be sure not to make it bigger than your body can handle. They’re also used in BDSM play as a punishment or a stretching device to make the hole widen on a more permanent basis. They can be kinky or a pure delight. They’re always arousing though.



Inflatable Suction Cup Dildo

The inflatable suction cup dildo is ideal for solo players but works just as well for couples. The suction cup on the bottom allows you to attach it to a chair, the floor, or a wall so you can play hands free. It’s nearly 7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide uninflated.

When you pump it full of air it grows to nearly nine inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The pleasure comes from that expansion while the toy is inside your anus or vagina. It creates a full feeling that is pure bliss. The price is reasonable and you’ll get endless play sessions out of it. There’s a quick release valve that lets the air out in no time when you’re ready to remove the toy.

The inflatable suction cup dildo is perfect for anyone that loves a bit of kinky toy play. Don’t hesitate and get this amazing inflatable dildo now. For best price click here!



Pink Inflatable Dildo

The pink inflatable dildo is best used when you’re trying to turn up the kink in your sexual play. You slip it inside the pussy or asshole just like a regular dildo. Then things get fun when you take hold of the pump and squeeze hard to make the dildo grow to twice its size inside the hole.

The sensation of it growing inside you or your partner will be incredible from the start and take your breath away, sometimes literally. It can be used for permanent stretching or training to make taking a large cock or strapon much easier. The dildo is five inches long and when it’s deflated the diameter is 1.5 inches. It more than doubles in size when fully inflated and that’s when the fun happens.

The pink inflatable dildo from Doc Johnson is a sex toy for those getting into the kinky lifestyle and looking for a nice way to step lightly into it. If you like this dildo you can get it HERE.







How To Clean Squirting Dildos?

If you’ve purchased a squirting dildo or you’re thinking about it then you need to know how to clean it. These things can get messy real quick if you don’t take care of it. If you leave gunk inside then before you know it the tube will be clogged and nothing will come out. Plus, if you’re neglectful with the cleaning you could end up with mold inside your brand new dildo, and nobody wants that.

Luckily, cleaning a squirting dildo is pretty simple. First you need to clean the shaft. Chances are good you haven’t been using a condom with it since that would largely defeat the purpose of the squirting. If it’s been inside a pussy you should give it a good cleaning. If the dildo has been inside an asshole you need to give it a great cleaning. Always be thorough when cleaning fecal matter from any sex toys.

Next you need to clean the pump and tube. This is pretty simple though. Just fill the pump with warm soapy water several times and squirt it out like you would a load. The final load should just be warm water to clean the soap residue out. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and before you know it your squirting dildo will be just like new and you’ll be ready to load it up with fake cum all over again and have a good time. It’s always best to clean it right after use so whatever you were squirting with it doesn’t have time to dry. Once that happens it’s much harder to clean.


Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaning Spray

It is essential to properly clean your sex toys to avoid bacterial infection and to keep them maintained.
This anti-bacterial toy cleaner is a must have!  It’s an easy to use spray bottle. Just spray the cleaner above the whole surface area, then wipe with a cloth.

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Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaning

Keep your toys running smooth, clear and fresh with this anti-bacterial toy cleaner. It’s always important to make sure that your toys are clean and hygienic.

Tip: Before cleaning battery operated sex toys first remove batteries. This sex toy cleaner uses Triclsan, an active ingredient to remain your sex toys clean.

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Tips For Buying Squirting Dildos

So, you’re in the market for a squirting dildo. Hopefully these tips on buying the perfect squirting dildo for you will make the decision easier. The first thing you need to consider is size. What holes will the dildo be penetrating and what can they take? If you’re a man and you will be penetrated by the toy you should consider going with something small unless you have experience with anal penetration. A large dildo will likely not fit inside you unless your ass has been trained.

You should also consider color. Depending on your desires something exceptionally lifelike might be what you want. If you want to feel like you’re being fucked by a real cock and receiving a facial or a creampie from a real cock you should go with a flesh-colored or black squirting dildo. If you just want to feel the squirting and don’t care about it being lifelike then go with any color of the rainbow.

You should also consider the size of the squirting dildo reservoir. In other words, how much cum do you want to expel from your new sex toy. If you want to shoot huge loads then look around for a dildo that can hold lots of cum. It might be smart to go with that since you can’t underestimate the fun of squirting tons of cum until you’ve done it yourself. It’s all kinds of exciting and having a big reservoir to hold cum makes it easy to shoot all you want.

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Squirting Dildos

Dildo sex is fun but you miss out on the cumshot, which is a shame for some people. Thankfully, the adult toy industry has come up with a solution to that problem in the form of a squirting dildo. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. For the most part squirting dildos look like real cocks with the large head, the veins down the shaft, and even balls in some cases. They’re made that way to enhance the reality of the situation that is created by the fact that a dildo can cum. It’s just more fun to have a cum shooting dildo that looks like the real thing, too.

The squirting dildo features a tube up the middle that is attached to hand pump of some sort. When you want the dildo to shoot a load of cum you simply squeeze the pump and a big load comes out. The volume of fake cum and the speed at which it moves is surprisingly realistic. There are many choices for what you want to squirt out of the dildo. There are a number of recipes online for fake cum and many come fairly close to replicating the milky slickness of ejaculate. You can also use water, lube, and any number of other safe substances.




Squirting dildos can be tons of fun for couples of all kinds or solo guys and girls. A guy-girl couple can play with strapon sex and have the girl ejaculate or the guy can penetrate his lady and enjoy the view of something new slipping inside her and squirting a big load. You can give her a fake facial. Lesbian couples can simulate ejaculation during their strapon play. Solo guys and girls can squirt all over or inside themselves. It’s a great toy!

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